Mary Winkenwerder –  Beaute Publicist – is a long-term beauty professional with over 20 years in the industry.  Starting her career in retail, she has hands-on experience working with thousands of beauty and health-related products.  Also to her credit, she was a professional makeup artist working with everyone from students to celebrities.

She ended her formal retail career on Chicago’s prestigious Michigan Avenue before segueing into the salon/spa industry where she served salons and spas some of Chicago’s top neighborhoods in business development, marketing and public relations.  Mary now works to develop beauty businesses through creative digital public relations and SEO enhancement.

In 2007, Mary founded Ultimate Skincare & Beaute Report, is a beauty editor for Sugar Pop Magazine ( @sugarpopmagz  ) and Glam Freak Magazine (@glamfreakmag )  and a beauty blogger for BRINK Magazine ( @BRINKMag ) where her beauty tips may be found on Tuesdays the Thursdays.  Communications of all calibers is always a part of her daily routine!

I used the opportunity to talk with Mary and asked her valuable professional opinion regarding loyalty to cosmetic brands and beauty bloggers.
In the first weekly feature of Bloggers’ Buzz we touched several sensitive subjects.
For example, avoiding to post negative reviews in order to keep brands happy and not to lose PR connections.
Maybe some bloggers crossed the line between reviewers and advertisers?
In some blogs they come with small print such as “in general this blush/powder/liner is not unique” – and I can’t help but read between lines that this is a bad product.
To what extent your loyalty to the brand should go?
I asked Mary Winkenwerder her opinion as beauty editor, beauty blogger, PR, digital PR professional. Read our conversation here and let me know your thoughts about the subject.